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Casmara UK Cosmetic skin care

The Expert treatment that redefines and firms neck, décolleté and bust

The skin of the neck, décolleté and bust is especially delicate, being more vulnerable to dehydration, the appearance of wrinkles, sagging and/or uneven tone; therefore, it is one of the areas that most betrays our age.

CASMARA laboratory has created an extraordinary treating and preventive cream, that merges for the first time in its formula active ingredients that act on the 5 key actions which cause aging in the delicate of the neck, décolleté and bust


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Who is this for?

Mature skin. Intense rejuvenating facial care.

Especially indicated to combat the lack of firmness, wrinkles and pronounced expression lines.


– Restores skin firmness and fights flaccidity.

– Stimulates the synthesis of serotonin, the so-called “hormone of happiness”.

– Improves cellular processes, enhancing the repairing, regenerative and energetic abilities of the skin.


– Immediate lifting effect on face and neck. Reduces neck flaccidity by up to 56% in 3 weeks.

– Eliminates signs of fatigue such as eye bags, dark circles and expression lines.

– Face restored, relaxed and luminous.

– Plump, elastic skin, faded wrinkles and intensely rejuvenated face.

Active Ingredients

• EDELWEISS: its action causes an immediate lifting effect, with surprising results. Protects the skin against oxidative stress and restores its firmness by repairing mitochondrial activity. Also protects the extracellular matrix and promotes collagenesis.

• Its lifting effect is visible even in the skin of the neck: the flaccidity in this delicate area is reduced by 56% in just 3 weeks.

• PERSIAN SILK TREE EXTRACT: anti-fatigue and illuminating active ingredient with CHRONO-COSMETIC technology that combats signs of fatigue such as eye bags and dark circles, in addition to preventing the appearance of alterations in the skin tone of mature skin (uneven and devitalized tone).

• PERSIAN SILk EXTRACT: cancels out this negative process so that the skin is intensely relaxed and fresh, like after a good night’s sleep. -44% visible signs of fatigue in 8 weeks.

• WHITE TRUFFLE: ancient fruit of revolutionary properties because it is capable of modifying the genetic (EPIGENETICS) expression of keratinocytes and fibroblasts, producing an amazing global anti-aging effect. Its action on the skin makes genes act as they would in young skin.

• CHERRY BLOSSOM AROMA: sublime aroma that brings all the benefits of aromatherapy to the range. Anti-stress active (NEUROCOSMETICS) ingredient that provides a pleasant sensation of physical and mental well-being that helps reach a state of relaxation that encourages the body to be energized and repaired.

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